Caffe Nero
Enjoy some coffee and a cozy fireplace

Love Italian coffee? If it's your date's favorite, you might want to order him or her something from Caffe Nero. Get favorite coffees and accessories that will truly impress.

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Wired Puppy
Coffee and tea in Back Bay Boston

Is your sweetie a fan of some wild barista art? If so, take him or her to Wired Puppy. Get your favorite coffee or tea drink plus pastries, muffins and more.

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Farmer Horse Coffee
Hot tea and coffee in Boston

Pastries, breakfast sandwiches... Whatever your date likes with tea and coffee, you'll likely find it at Farmer House Coffee. They also have fun poetry nights.

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Barrington Coffee Roasting Company
Fresh coffee on the Waterfront

Going out for a cup of coffee? How about some hot tea? Barrington Coffee Roasting Company is an option for your date.

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The Best Conventions in Boston

When you’re trying to find a way to kill some time and have some fun, grab a date and see what the Boston convention scene has to offer. Here are two in March that might be right up your alley.

PAX East - BostonConvention & ExhibitionCenter - March 6th, 7th... Read More

Modern Pastry Shop
An Italian bakery in North End

Have cannoli on the brain? Tackle something sweet at Modern Pastry Shop. Your date will love the lobster tails, too.

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Treats for date night in Back Bay

Cupcakes are good. Frosting shots are better! At Sweet, you can get both for yourself and your date.

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Flour Bakery & Cafe
Baked goods and coffee in Back Bay

Has your love always wanted to bake? Treat him or her to a baking class at Flour Bakery. You can also always stop in to pick up a special treat for your lover.

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Bova's Bakery
North End pastries, sandwiches and treats

How does some cannoli sound this evening? Take your date to Bova's Bakery. You can sample eclair cakes, whoopie pies and much more together.

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Indulge Your Love of Indian Cuisine

For the cultured eater, nothing is better than discovering a new favorite restaurant. The next time you’re looking for a place to take a date, consider exploring one of Boston’s best Indian restaurants. Punjabi Dhaba may not look like a classy place to eat, but once you try the food you’ll be blown away. There’s a reason they’ve been ranked as one of the city’s best. For a variety... Read More