Charles River Bike Paths
Biking in Beacon Hills

Biking near Hatch Shell? Take in the beautiful views with a date. Walk hand in hand or take your bikes down the Charles River Bike Paths.

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Get to know the city with this river walk

Want to get a real taste of Boston? Take your date on a walk at HarborWalk. Take a scheduled tour with a guide or bike with your date.

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The Charles River
Enjoy views of the Charles River with your date

Planning a biking date with someone special? Take him or her to The Charles River. Stroll along hand in hand or take a bike ride together.

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Boston Common
A frog pond, swan boats and much more in Boston

Taking your date out for a leisurely afternoon? Try Boston Common. It's the best place for people watching and bike riding!

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Beer and Anime for April in Boston

Feel like indulging your passions this month? Whether you’re a fan of fine craft beer or you prefer to be surrounded by all-things Japanese and anime, there’s something happening around Boston that’s perfect for you.

Anime Boston - Hynes Convention Center/Sheraton Boston Hotel - April 3rd, 4th & 5th

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Family Funway
A playground in Foxboro

Feel like going out for ice cream on date night? Take your date to Family Funway. You can even race go karts for fun while you're there!

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F1 Boston
Goart racing in Braintree

Getting a group of singles together? Book some time at F1 Boston. You can race each other around the track and have lots of fun.

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Castle Creek Adventure Land
Mini golf and go karts in Salem

Looking for a carnival-like date experience? Take your date to Castle Creek Adventure. Enjoy a hotdog or ice cream, play mini golf and race each other on the go karts.

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International Motor Sports
Motorcycles and go karts in Boston

Is your date a speed fiend? Take him or her to International Motor Sports. Browse scooters, dirt bikes and other machines together.

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End of March Entertainment in Boston

Looking for something interesting to do during the last couple of weeks of March? Here are two cool events coming up that make excellent date night destinations.

Brandeis Improv Fest - BrandeisUniversity - March 27th, 28th & 29th

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